Chinese Cable TV

There are 3 major providers of Chinese Cable TV; 1) KyLin TV 2) Direct TV 3) Local Cable Provider

1) KyLin TV


KyLin TV uses IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) technology to bring Chinese content from China through the internet to your television.  No computer required but does require broadband service.

KyLin TV Basic Package Starts from $16.99 and includes the most popular broadcast channels from China and Hong Kong. 

The KyLinTV Basic package includes: KyLinTV Guide, CCTV-9, Sino TV, Kunlun, Yangtse, Sun TV, SinoVision, Variety, Oriental Education, Trading Day, CCTV-E, MASTV, Leisure Channel, Kids Channel, KyLinTV Live, Hakka TV, Asia Travel, Jia Yu, Sino TV 2, Dimo TV, Sky Link TV, Macau Lotus, IAVC, CCETV, Chinese Language & Culture Channel and Zhonghe TV.

2) Satellite TV


If you’re a Direct TV customer, you can order JadeWorld package which includes 3 Cantonese channels and 2 Mandarin Channels or the MadarinDirect III which includes 5 Mandarin channels.

If you’re a Dish Network customer, you can order Great Wall TV package which includes 19 Chinese channels.

3) Local Cable/Phone Providers